As a global player, D.H. is committed to maintain world class quality standards. Quality management in D.H. is a business principle that ensures excellence in company’s products, services and internal processes. The aim of D.H. is to create high quality, high performing products and services that meets and exceeds internal and external customer expectations.

At D. H., quality encompasses all process carried within the organisation right from sourcing raw material and also including qualified vendors for supply of spares and consumables that support the final product.
D.H. is committed to satisfy its customers by manufacturing and supplying consistent quality of Bright Bars, drawn, peeled and ground products to domestic and international markets as per customer requirements.
D.H. has been certified by TUV for its ISO 9001-2000 quality policies.

Even though D.H. is ISO 9001-2000 certified company; it strives to exceed standards set by these agencies. With this objective D.H. is promoting efficiency at each level of operations by meeting all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Thus continually improving the effectiveness of Quality Management System and endeavoring to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction.

Advantages offered by DH:

Made from pretested steel.
Assured mechanical properties, excellent machinability and better yield strength.
Assured defect-free surface as well as internal soundness, required micro structure and consistent quality.
Close dimensional accuracy.
Available in specified length with close tolerance on length too.
Ground Bars are totally free from lobing and out of roundness which ensures no finishing for parts.
Assured chemical composition and all metallurgical properties required for making any Original Equipment.
Each supply of our Bright Bar is guaranteed by D. H. Exports’s Test Certificate of quality.