All the material produced is packed in high density polythene sheets to preserve their defect-free surface during handling and transportation. The bars are first strapped by signode-straps, bundled in thin plastic sheets and thereafter wrapped in HDPE thus giving dual protection to the material. The material is packed in bundles of 500 / 1000 kgs (1100/2200 lbs). For small sizes, the material is tied up with wooden batons and then wrapped in HDPE so as to maintain straightness of the bars.

Besides the above standard packing, we also supply material in following packing as per specific requirement of the customer:-

Tubing / casing of each bar in plastic foil (popularly known as Tube Packing) and then such bars wrapped together in HDPE bundles. This packing is provided for sizes above 12mm diameter.
Several rubber / plastic ‘O’ rings are inserted in each bar to avoid surface dents and scratches generated from bar to bar contact during transition. This packing is provided for sizes above 12mm diameter.
Two strong material lifting straps are wrapped around bundles of about 1000 kgs so that unloading of the bundles is easy from box containers. (Refer to bundle tiding photo available)
Wooden box packing.

Bundle Packing
Wooden box Packing

Tube Packing
Ring Packing

Steel cage Packing
Siling tied to Bundles